Since all of our Panama City Beach Vacation Rental units are individually owned, we go to great lengths to ensure all units are well maintained and ready for you! To that end, we do ask that all renters read our FAQ and policies.

Q.) Is the Property Ocean Front?

A) Each and every listing will state ocean front or not. It is never a problem for you to ask and verify.

Q.) How do we check in?

A) That is the great thing of using Secluded Paradise Vacation Rentals! There is never a hassle going to the front desk ever! As soon as we receive payment in full and all documents are returned, then it is simple: we send you a check in letter that has all the entry codes, wifi info, and phone numbers you will need.

Q.) What time is Check In/Check Out?

A.) Check in time is 4:00 pm and check out time is 10:00 am. (We have to have plenty of time to prepare it for your check in; conversely, if you are checking out, then we need ample time to prepare the unit for our next guest.)

Q.) What is required of us when we check out?

A.) Take all trash out.
B.) Load and start the dishwasher
C.) Place all linens in a pile near the washer

Q.) How much security deposit is required?

A.) Another great benefit with Secluded Paradise Vacation Rental! There is NO security deposit. We have you sign a security authorization instead!

Q.) What kind of Documents do I sign?

A.) Rental Agreement: Covers general information, prices, dates, how many guests, etc.
B.) Rules and Regulations: Covers the rules set by the respective home owners association as well as Secluded Paradise Vacation Rentals Rules.
C.) Security Authorization: Covers property damage (this takes the place of the deposit. SPVR also reserves the right to both a damage policy through VRBO and the security authorization as we deem necessary).
D.) Leave No Trace: Covers the Panama City Beach City Ordinance.
E.) The Reservation Confirmation: This is your receipt so we do not need it returned.

Q.) What is the cancellation Policy?

A) A down payment is required at the time of reservation ($200.00 to $300.00  depending on the unit) and is non-refundable.
B.) Payment in full is due sixty (60) day’s prior to arrival and is non-refundable. Payments made greater than 60 days in advance are refundable, minus deposit and administrative fees.

Q.) How many days is the minimum to rent?

A) That depends on season: spring break and summer requires a Saturday to Saturday, seven (7) day minimum. Fall and winter may have no minimum depending on the unit. (Some insurance companies will not allow an owner to rent for less than a week.)

Q.) Are there any additional fees other than the advertised price?

A.) Yes. There are some minimal fee’s to cover expenses. There is a cleaning fee, taxes, and an administrative fee or reservation fee.

Q.) Why should I choose Secluded Paradise Vacation Rentals?

A.) That is simple! We have over 20 years’ experience in Real Estate and we pride ourselves on first class service that is second to none! Contact us today and see the difference! Book your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental Today!